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WHO recognizes
that silver ions
has no adverse effects
on the human body.

Silver ions have recognized antibacterial effect and are inorganic natural mineral elements. It has oxidizing effect and used frequently for sterilization and disinfection in daily life.

aceway disinfectant spray

Silver Shield

Silver Ion Spray

An innovative green technology from Season Farm Team in Taiwan, they incorporate silver ions into the Silver Shield antimicrobial solution by using ultra-fine bubbles to prevent the silver ions from reducing the accumulation and forcing it to suspend evenly in the Silver Shield Spray.

aceway disinfectant spray

Silver Ion Spray


By using special dispersion and synthesis technology, the Silver Shield team has developed the HFOs and silver ions with a particle size of less than 8nm, which is smaller than all kinds of viruses and bacteria, so that the HFOs and silver ions can have the best antiviral and bacterial effects.



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